About Us

MicksMuse grew out  of my love for music  and my passion to share it.  My goal is to offer new and interesting music to my fellow music lovers.

After playing music professionally for many years, it was such a natural progression to start selling it.

I've had this business since March of 1999 and am a Shooting Star Power Seller on Ebay with over 60,000 positive feedbacks, 35,000 of which are from unique customers with a 99.9% positive rating.  Please check out my long list of satisfied customers.

I am an individual who has made this my business, not a chain or conglomerate.  I have no employees, except my wife who helps part time.  So please support me and tell your friends.

I am also selling my last recorded DEMO RECORDINGS.   Available on the home page under featured items.  It is by  MICKS MUSE and is titled CROSS & ARROW.

These were recordings done in my home studio.
Written & Produced in the early 90’s.
When I was trying to come to terms with our tainted history.
The corporate control of the news media & our government.
And every societies curious dependency 
on organized religions & their suspect leaders.
As well as their celebrities and heroes.
And of course generous ruminations on all matters
of the heart and libido.
If your curiosity gets the best of you feel free to grab one and stick it in your cart.


I don't advertise and I try to keep costs down so I can offer these items at a fair price to fellow music lovers.  Please, if you have friends or relatives that love music, pass my web site onto them and tell them about my ebay listings.  It would be greatly appreciated.