MICKSMUSE The Man In The Window 2 CD SET

MICKS MUSE The Man In The Window
Original Recordings by Yours Truly. 2014 2 CD Release
Part/DISC 1
Man In The Window – overture
My Brand
Nothings Real Anymore
No More Heroes
Even If It Takes Too Long
Happiness Is Not For Everyone
Close As She’d Let Me Get
When China Falls
Sweeter Than Wine
Man In The Window – reprise
Part/Disc 2
Man In The Window – immature
Things U Wish Ur Girlfriend Did I Took A Look At Myself/All The Money
Halfway To Heaven
I Need A Job
Do The Math
Your Last Resort
Just What You Have
Your Honor
Man In The Window - underture
As always all words and sounds were written, arranged, performed & produced by micksmuse with no tricks or traps.
songs written from 4/14 through 10/14
EQUIPMENT at my disposal limiting any attempt at perfection:
Ableton Live 9.1 software, Focusrite Saffire 24 Interface, Korg Kronos, Novation Impulse 49, Takamine Nylon Gtr,
Takamine Steel Gtr, Fender Strat, Zoom G3X effects, Audio Technica Mic
619-840-2718 www.micksmuse.com

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