PAICE, IAN Not For The Pro's 5.1 SURROUND PAL ALL REGION DVD? A cool one for DRUMMERS or fans of the DEEP PURPLE wiz.? Great instructions, jams, video's and documentary.? ROADIEVIEW LIVE, ABBEY ROAD SESSIONS.? SPECIAL NOTE: this is PAL FORMAT ALL REGIONS.
Ian Paice (Deep Purple) - Not For The Pro's (DVD5)
DVD5 | DVD Video | 720x480 | MPEG2 VBR ~1200 kbps | 24,97 fps | 01:12:38 | 4.36 GB
MPEG Audio | English | LinearPCM, 2 ch | 128 Kbps | 48 KHzeLearning: A Drummers Guide
Which was recently released by Thames / Thompson DVD "Not For The Pro's" is intended to correct the situation and, in our view, corrects it with a vengeance, becoming a kind of triumph of justice for Ian. This work is so comprehensively covers most aspects of the impact of skill, that after her show is just shrug - to add to what they see like it is nothing.
Disc name can be translated as "not for professionals." Personally, I find it hard to judge how DVD will be of interest to specialists, but I am convinced of one thing: some very unique shots can be a real master class, even for trained musicians.
So, about the content. Chapeau - 50-minute story by Ian Pace on the technology component manufacturing drum kits - plates,, sticks, drums of all shapes and sizes. Very educational film in the style of the channel "Discovery". Before the movie I could imagine about the manufacturing process except that of drumsticks, but the report from the factory was a revelation to me.
Next, Ian demonstrates some features of the installation of equipment and features several playing techniques for beginners drummers accompany it with my own recommendations.
A separate chapter - an autobiographical story, accompanied by good visuals, including a previously unknown footage from the concerts the third of Deep Purple and performances in Sydney 1984-year.
Separately, gourmet jam before, recorded in Abbey Road studios with the participation of Colin Hodgkinson (Colin Hodgkinson) and Miller Anderson (Miller Anderson).
Interest interview technicians Pace, and - the main highlight of the disc - shooting from concerts past tours, more precisely, the American tour of 2001. The uniqueness of these records lies in the fact that we are shown shooting with one camera directed at Ian. Thus, we can observe the work of Pace during the execution of well-known hits Deep Purple, ie at the closest distance to see the details usually hidden from the audience. On the shootings were sealed as well, and two emergency situations, such as drop sticks and its replacement by a new one (which can be considered only after the slow motion).
So, in themselves above things give us every reason to recommend a drive to acquire not only the pro's, but all fans of Deep Purple, for three hours non-shooting and high-quality sound every viewer bound to find yourself a lot of new and interesting.
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